Band or Album – The Social Game You're Playing Even Now

Created by Jeff Tidball

The multiplayer social game that you play on Twitter, at the bar, in the car, and everywhere else you say things.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

50 All-Time Greatest Wedding Hits = Album
over 4 years ago – Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 11:40:35 AM

You attend a wedding, you go to a reception afterwards. There are little cards that tell you where to sit. On your placemat there's a little white fabric thing filled with candy kisses, with the married couple's names on them. Awww.

I think chocolate's fine, but I love games, so I have this fantasy: Instead of candy kisses, your placemat has a Band or Album coin on it, and underneath that are the rules for how to play a fun social game with the people at your table, because you don't know some of them, and a fun social game would be a great way to break the ice. 

Also, the newly married couple love games, just like you do, and so of course they'd want to give you a game for about the same cost as a white baggie with their names on it and some chocolate. And then, instead of eating some chocolate and throwing out a baggie, you'll keep the coin and remember your married friends every time you play Band or Album for the rest of your life.

You have no idea, backers, how much I would love to know that that happened, somewhere, at someone's wedding.

If we get an Executive backer who drops me a message to let me know that they're planning to give away Band or Album at their wedding, not only will that person and his or her partner both be named Senior Co-Vice Presidents of the Eternal Love That Only Music Can Bring, but also, I'll unilaterally unlock the antique copper premium finish at that very instant.

 You probably know someone who's getting married next summer. Spread the word?

What FedEx Hath Brought = Album
over 4 years ago – Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 03:57:21 PM

Our first production samples arrived on Friday, backers! The image above is the base-level "antique bronze" finish.

I received an additional four finishes, two of which I'm going to show you right now:

"Platinum" Finish
"Platinum" Finish
"Antique Silver" Finish
"Antique Silver" Finish

As you know, our first stretch goal's for platinum coins. And sure enough, one of these is called "Platinum," and the other's called "Antique Silver." That said, I like the latter's antique effect better than the former's shiny effect. My guess is that most of you will, too. So my plan is to declare that Silver is the New Platinum ("Silver is the New Platinum" = Album). We'll agree to keep calling our $3,000 threshold the Platinum Stretch Goal, naturally, and those of you who're backing at the right level to receive one will still tell your friends that you went platinum, baby.

I'll show you the other finishes tomorrow — teaser: one is the totally metal "Black Nickel" finish! — and lay out some more stretch goals and funding thresholds.

Cheers, backers!

Over the Top! = Album
over 4 years ago – Tue, Nov 03, 2015 at 12:59:36 AM

Yesterday it occurred to me that what Executive-level Band or Album backers really ought to have are customized, individualized executive titles. As of late yesterday afternoon, your Band or Album Board of Directors included (in their order of backing):

  • Vice President of Existential Goat-Throwing
  • Managing Partner for Three-Chord Matters
  • Chief Heavy Metal Operations Officer
  • Executive Director of Blazing Riffs and Fiery Encores

As bedtime approached and we were this close to funding, I issued a challenge via Twitter: "If a new Executive-level backer pushes us over, their title will be Senior Vice President of Makin' It Happen." And it happened! Ladies and gentlemen, Band or Album is funded!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every backer, and especially to everyone who spread the word and shared the news.

Can I also say, I'm particularly delighted that this campaign works out so that the $1 Groupie backer level is a real thing, that we can afford to provide the (yes, modest) rules of play — and all of the fun that is Band or Album — to everyone who pitches in.

Now we're focused on going platinum. At $3,000 we'll unlock platinum-finished coins. They're baked into the Rock Star and Executive levels. After that? Who knows. (Have an opinion? Drop it in the comments.)

Thanks again, everyone!



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