Band or Album – The Social Game You're Playing Even Now

Created by Jeff Tidball

The multiplayer social game that you play on Twitter, at the bar, in the car, and everywhere else you say things.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

"A BackerKit is Not a Drum Kit, Steve" = Album
over 4 years ago – Mon, Dec 14, 2015 at 01:56:12 PM

First Things First: Please inform your bankers and credit card issuers that your status as a Band or Album backer is a positive indication of your credit-worthiness: Only one of 266 backers failed to make good on their campaign pledge, which demolishes world- and industry-wide averages. Well done, rockers! Your pledges have now landed in my bank account, from whence they shall rush to the corners of the globe to purchase coins, rulebooks, guitar picks, and all the rest.

Second Things After That: Be on the lookout for a BackerKit survey sometime this week. It would be super-helpful if you'd act on it right away, because that will help me know how many coins of each finish to order. (You'll be able to update your shipping address until I shout "Last Call!" at shipping time, so don't hesitate to pick your finishes and add your add-ons now even if you'll move house before shipping time.) Also, rulebook PDF downloads will be ready to go out by this time next week, and they'll be delivered via BackerKit, too. 

Third Things Third: If you're not hip to BackerKit, that's fine. Just drop me a note via Kickstarter and I'll get you set up personally.

Fourth Things Fourth: The functional guitar picks will look something like this:

There is no fifth thing, Steve. Please stop trying to play drums on the BackerKit.

"All That + A Bag of Chips" = Toughie
over 4 years ago – Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 08:56:39 PM

As you may have seen on the social medias, it is done. All our stretch goals were defeated. I even threw in a PDF copy of my essay from The Bones: Us and Our Dice, "Totally Metal," for all backers at the last minute. Band or Album will be a reality, thanks to your support, enthusiasm, and word-of-mouth. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We had a huge last day, which (a) is great!, but (b) means that I haven't caught up with all of the personal thank-yous I've been sending to each and every campaign backer. If you haven't received a note from me yet, (a) I apologize, and (b) you will.

Next steps:

(a) Celebrate!

(b) Keep on playing Band or Album on your social media of choice. If you're having fun and no one thinks you're a jerk, you're doing it right. For example, Hero of the Republic Jameson Simmons invented a new, graphical way of playing Band or Album by creating a CD cover, so it turns out that all forms of Band or Album fun haven't even been discovered yet.

(c) Rejoice in the forthcoming, medium-term break from backer updates.

(d) If your payment didn't go through, please get with the Kickstarter folks and resolve that.

(e) Watch for a BackerKit email 14 days from now. At that point you'll confirm your address for PDFs and shipments, snag any add-ons you'd like, and otherwise finalize all that stuff.

(f) Questions? Contact me here via Kickstarter or drop me an email at jeff at jefftidball dot com.

Seriously, on behalf of the whole team — myself, Ken, Will, Daniel, Renee, and Mark and Andre at Campaign Coins — thank you!

"A Missive From Past Jeff" = Album ("Past Jeff" = Band")
over 4 years ago – Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 08:45:13 PM

The Campaign Ends Today. On Tuesday.

I'm updating you this morning from the past, writing this, as I am, last night. (It is my assumption that you, a Band or Album backer with excellent taste and a vibrant social circle, have better things to do than read email and backer updates on a swingin' Monday night. If you're reading this on Monday night, please do close this message or browser tab and come back in the morning.)

Today (well, yesterday, on Monday), we unlocked functional, full-color, two-sided Band or Album guitar picks for everyone at the Band Leader, Rock Star, and Executive levels. Update your backer levels accordingly.

Now, then: There are a few hours left for us to check two last to-do items off our collective list of Things To Do before we wrap this thing up:

(1) To Do: Unlock the Double Platinum Premium Finish at $5,000. Should be handily do-able.

(2a) To Do: Find an Executive Wedding Sponsor to Unlock the Antique Copper Premium Finish. However, because (i) I'm concerned that everyone in the world is already married, and (ii) I really, really want to make the copper premium finish available, I'm going to offer an alternate way we can unlock those copper coins, in the event that no one steps forward to get married and become the Senior Co-Vice Presidents of the Eternal Love That Only Music Can Bring.

(2b) Alternate To Do: If we reach 300 backers before the end of the campaign, I'll unlock the copper premium finish whether anyone gets married or not. I suspect that, among our peers of excellent taste, there are enough who possess one single simoleon ("One Single Simoleon" = Band) to become Band or Album Groupies and swell mightily our backer count that we ought to be able to get this done without any difficulty whatsoever. That is, as long as everyone's on board, spreading the word as we come down to the wire.

Did I mention that all y'all backers are the greatest? You are the greatest.

Running this Kickstarter campaign is the most fun I've had publishing a game in a long time, and I really appreciate the success that you've helped make it. More tomorrow, and later in the week. I've got more BackerKit stuff to set up, just now.

Catch you in the future, Team Rock 'n' Roll!

"Imaginary Dialogues in Kickstartopia" = Album
over 4 years ago – Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 04:54:43 PM

People ask me, "Jeff, have all of the stretch goals so far been unlocked?"

And I tell them, "Yes, this afternoon, the stretch goal to give every single backer a PDF copy of Ten Meditations on #EarwormNinja fell beneath the might and fortitude of our Band or Album–loving backers."

People wonder, "Jeff, were any more executives appointed today?"

And I inform them, "Yes indeed, this afternoon our executive board was expanded to include the Vice President of Strategic Power Chord Deployment."

They mention, "Owning, as some of us do, actual guitars — both electric and acoustic — we are interested in guitar picks. Also, it will not do for a campaign to be in its final 48 hours without any active stretch goals."

And so, after performing a bit of research, I tell them, "If our campaign reaches $4,500," then every Band Leader, Rock star, and Executive backer will receive a four-color, two-sided, Band or Album guitar pick for free."

They respond by throwing the horns.

A gentleman in the back wonders if it will be possible to purchase these guitar picks in greater volume, as post-campaign add-ons. He explains that it's pretty badass when he sees, like, fifty guitar picks taped to the back of a mic stand when he goes to a concert.

I wonder if he intends to go around taping Band or Album guitar picks to things.

I say, "Yes."

He smiles.

"Also," I say — he looks up — "it will be possible to purchase extra Band or Album coins as post-campaign add-ons. You'll even be able to buy the premium coins we unlock during the campaign, although those are going to cost something like ten or twenty bucks each, so really, if you're looking to score that sweet loot, your best bet is to become an Executive backer now."

He reaches for his smartphone's Kickstarter app.

"I'm not sure if I remembered to mention," I cut in, "that Executives get free shipping anywhere in the world, and custom-crafted — can I say artisanal? I can, that wouldn't be wrong — artisanal executive titles."

He nods his head, understanding, seeing it all so clearly.

It occurs to me that $4,500 is probably going to happen, like, tomorrow morning, so as the crowd's dispersing, I spend a couple seconds calculating in Excel to ensure I won't go broke. "If we reach $5,000," I shout, "we'll unlock the Double Platinum premium finish — the super-shiny one that no one would blame you if you framed and hung on your wall."

"Sweet!" shouts somebody. Everybody cheers.

"Rock on," I say.

These are things that people ask me, as we head into the final two days.


Less than two days left, rockers. Spread the word, would you?

I'd hate for your friends to be aggravated with you because they missed out.

20 Buck = Band
over 4 years ago – Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 09:24:54 PM

First things first: As I promised in yesterday's update, here are the fourth and fifth possible finishes for Band or Album coins, which we might or might not unlock as we catapult ourselves toward the home stretch.

"Antique Bronze" Finish
"Antique Bronze" Finish
"Black Nickel" Finish
"Black Nickel" Finish

We're twenty measly dollars from hitting $3,000 and going Platinum, which unlocks the first stretch goal premium finish, the antique silver coin that we've agreed to call platinum. Let's recruit some friends and hit that milestone tonight, alright?

After platinum, I'm going to call that Black Nickel finish our next stretch goal. We'll unlock the Black Nickel premium finish at the heavy metal funding level of $3,666, for obvious reasons. The Black Nickel coin's Official Social Media Glyph will be the too-much-rock-for-one-hand ASCII Double-Handed Goat: \mm/

What else? At $4,000, I'll sharpen my pencil and get to work on the first ten Meditations on #EarwormNinja, which will — if we unlock it — be transmitted to all backers in PDF format.

What else? Stay tuned, rockers. Stay tuned…